Burrito Fresco is now a specialty salsa, dip, and event catering company.  You can now have everything that you loved about Burrito Fresco the restaurant at home or at your office!  We sell our salsas, sauces, dips, and other products at local farm markets, and will cater to offices or other events as requested.  You can place an order online for pick up at any market we attend. While our venue has changed, our dedication to providing high quality foods using as many local ingredients as possible has not.  

Where can you find us this season?

Wednesdays from 10am - 1pm

Rochester Regional Health - Riedman Campus

Bulk Salsas, Bulk Dips, Burritos, Chips and Dips

Saturdays from 6am - 1:30pm

Rochester Public Market

Bulk Salsas, Bulk Dips